HamrahVas, supporter of universal convention World Tour leaders

The Hamkaran Rahpooyan Hamta tourism group officially became the supporter of universal convention World Tour Leaders. This biennial event which is held in one of the member countries by Tour Leaders Federation, will be held [...]

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Qazvin’s Governor met the Axell Accelerator Manager

The Axell Accelerator Manager had a meeting with Qazvin’s Governor on January 24. Hemmati, Qazvin’s Governor, RezaeeNik, Qazvin’s ICT CEO, some statesmen, and the managers of private section were in attendance at the meeting. The [...]

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Isfahan Accelerating Center inauguration

On January 18, Isfahan Axell Accelerating Center was inaugurated in attendance of IT Organization Chief at Isfahan. Engineer Jahaangard, IT Center Chief, Dr. Khajouee, HamrahVas CEO, Dr. Kashmiri, Isfahan Scientific and Research Town Chief, and [...]

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Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani passed away

The death of an old friend of Imam and Supreme Leader is a regretful grief. The Hamkaran Rahpooyan Hamta Holdings would like to offer condolences to the people of Iran and Supreme Leader. Peace be [...]

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A meeting between HamrahVas CEO and Minister of IT and Communication

Dr. Mousa Khajouee, HamrahVas CEO, had a meeting with Dr. Mahmoud Vaezee, Minister of IT and Communication on January 7. HamrahVas senior managers and Dr. Baraari, Assistant Manager of IT and Communication Province Affairs, attended [...]

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