Mobile Phone Voice Messages (IVR)

Via voice message services, through either landline phones or cellphones, businesses can provide diverse contents of educational, health & medical, scientific, financial, & religious contents to any user(s).

A sample of our selected services are:

• Hafez Prophecy

Call 99225059, make a wish & find out your daily prophecy through Hafez Poems. This service lets you listen to the words of Hafez anywhere & anytime.

• Gereh Gosha (Talisman) Application

Call 99225080 and get your lucky quotations or get calmed with soothing & motivational quotations from relic and divine texts. Via this application, you can listen to the words of holy Imams, prayers, & revived by the words of God.

• The world of Kids Happiness

Call 9225090 and enter into the world of kids’ entertainment & happiness. Via this service you can entertain your kids with stores, lullabies, and songs anywhere & anytime.