As one of the top providers of value added services, Hamkaran Rahpooyan Hamta is proud to attract a remarkable number of active users via offering VAS`s and solutions. This success will lead to improve the company`s target point in mobile communications which is continuous mass collaborations in mobile communication service & strategy sector.

Hamrah VAS is determined to improve values for services offered for cell phone users via strategies & solutions which will enable users to maintain their number of clients, support profiting business, and increase competitiveness.

Our Company`s purpose is to bring adhesive supportive services, implementation strategies, and value added services to all of our partners and therefore our end users as well.

We have currently concentrated to provide sufficient services to our clients. Hamrah is proud to employ a number of highly professional & well-trained human resources who can deliver undeniably highest quality services to our clients accordingly.

I would like to thank all of my business partners, clients, customers, stake-holders, experts, investors, and everyone who employ our provided services for a self-confidence which they have equipped us with.

Dr. Moosa Khajooei

CEO & Founder of Hamkaran Rahpooyan Hamta