Founded in 2008, under the brand of “HAMRAH-VAS”, Hamkaran Raahpooyan Hamta aimed to provide dynamic space for innovation in Telecom Value Added Services & Solutions, as well as mobile communications.
HRH is a mobile communication`s value added services provider (M-VASP) via multiple channels in Iran.

Hamrah-VAS focuses is to develop & expand Value Added Services & Applications, to improve VAS service level in Iran & beyond Middle East region. HRH`s vision is to apply continuous managed practical service solutions in entertainment & everyday use to provide a memorable experience of VASs for mobile communications users.

Our VASs empowers Telecom service suppliers & mobile communication providers to secure & improve their mutual financial interests. With more than 30% of Iran`s market share, HRH provides services for 6.5 million users through the biggest mobile service provider in Iran (MCI).