HamrahVas CEO, had a meeting with Dr. Mahmoud Vaezee, Minister of IT and Communication on January 7

HamrahVas senior managers and Dr. Baraari, Assistant Manager of IT and Communication Province Affairs, attended the meeting. A report of HamrahVas, as the greatest cell phones value-added provider, achievements was presented at the meeting. Moreover, the report on developing the Accelerator was presented as well and surveying the possible ways of how to expand the country Content Industry were discussed.

Dr. Vaezee encouraged them to expand Accelerating Centers and appreciated them for providing job opportunities for young people, as well as emphasizing on working increasingly over the seas in order to environmentally observe the universal change, understand this change completely and apply them to the country in a local way. He asked HamrahVas to pay a close attention to working in the region in the long term. Dr. Vaezee counted joining to the other companies, making value-providing contents, building consortium, and using the maximum potential of the country as the remarkable strong points of HamrahVas.

During this meeting, Minister and his assistant were told about the way of working, achievements, and prospects of Tourism Project and also signing a contract with Cultural Heritage Center.