Axell group attended the 22nd Autocom International Exhibition which was held at Isfahan from November 10.

The exhibition was on the following topics: Computer, office and telecommunication equipment. It is open until November 14 at Isfahan International Exhibition Center.

Axell presented Isfahan’s Accelerator there and was longing for attracting new ideas. Engineer Jahaangard, Dr. Omidi, Mr. Atraj, and Dr. Saeedi paid a visit to Axell stand and expressed their hopes for the Axell Accelerator.

Visitors familiarized themselves with the process of Accelerating during their visits to the stand. This process is a 6 month period which is divided into two shorter periods, pre-accelerating and accelerating period. In the pre-accelerating period, 10 teams work together during 45 to 60 days. They are provided with facilities such as couching, leadership, working areas, and advertising. Afterwards, 5 teams are selected out of them and are led into accelerating period. In that 4 month period, the teams are invested and eventually they will be presenting their designs to investors.

Since the Axell Stand is widely visited, it shows that establishing Accelerator is an attractive subject for the people in different provinces.