HamrahVAS in cooperation with Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI), Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and Public Universities located in the major country’s provinces aims to create an M-VAS accelerator nationwide.

The cooperation is formed in the heart of “Axell Project”, which is in line with the Resistive Economy policies. The effort will result in job creation for Iranian youth. In fact, Axell tries to support innovative ideas in a mobile environment over 10 provinces of Iran.

This plan has been started since the beginning of this year with an investment of around $12.7 million (equivalent of IRR 400 billion) and will focus on the production of new and innovative services, provincial and local content, and also various tourism services.

In the press conference, CEO and Founder of Hamkaran Rahpooyan Hamta Co. (HamrahVAS), highlighted that creating accelerator in the provinces is one of the key projects of the company. He continued, “Main goal of Axell is to invest in talented Iranian youth in remote towns who have fewer opportunities for growth and development”.